Today Warrior Woman

Today Warrior Woman

This old growth, red cedar mask features a red hand over the mouth, which is symbolic for missing and murdered Indigenous woman.

This powerful piece is done by Ditidaht artist, Russel Tate. "Honouring native woman and those who stand together against people who abuse and kill native woman." -Russel Tate.

This mask is a symbol to be shared on the wall of your office or your home. A symbol of the resilience our matriarch's model every day.  

This fund is setup to be used to help Indigenous children who's Mothers are  either injured or killed. The Fund will be available as soon as we sell our first piece with all the money being given to the children and used as needed.   Please join our mission to be able to help showcase the strength of "Todays Warrior Women" In Loving Memory Of Chantel Moore 

#StayGolden #MMIW